Storm King's Thunder

SKT.13: The Dam Siege Continues

Campaign Date: 27 Eleint (The Fading)  1493 DR, Year of the Purple Dragons

27thStill on the partially underground floor, the Fool Hardy Fellows plowed through sow, boar, and piglet shit toward a 15-foot-wide passage in the muddy river side wall.

Rivulets of water poked through the river wall to form ruts in the floor, before they flowed onward through to the pigpen. In a horseshoe-shaped room of what appeared to be a prison, wooden cages with heavy rocks situated on top were filtered throughout. Lo and behold, waiting in the shadows were two more bugbears laying an ambush with those shady known tactics. After a few smarting whacks, the brutes were assaulted into pulp and gave the heroes no more trouble.

Three cages in particular were occupied and our Fellows played the part of bold rescuers this day. The first contained a commoner human family, the middle had a tribal barbarian by the name of Gryhark, and the last held half-elf scout Ghalvin Dragonmoor of Emerald Enclave duty. He requested of the heroes to escort him to Goldenfields to report to the Abbot what he has seen, while Gryhark desired a weapon of dwarf soldier Tormir Stoneaxe, clearly equipped to the nines and looking competent enough. Gryhark, Dragonmoor, and the heroes left the commoners to a presumably safe, explored wing before inclining up a ramp on the far end of the pig shit cavern. More slobbering filth awaited them and charged forth when they entered the next room.

Blood spattered wooden tables stood spaced about a room with a stream running down the middle. A 30-foot-long wooden ladder rose up behind the two charging figures in the foreground, one hill giant abattoir and one grotesque, bulbous, tri-legged behemoth. Three tentacles, two of them spiked and one with eyes and a nose protrude from the creature's backside. Thankfully for the heroes, only Gryhark caught the sad end of those appendages and they took down both savages with enough time to revive the unconscious Gryhark from death's doorstep. Peeling the Gavel of the Venn Rune from around the abattoir's neck, Edmund had a new wondrous magical item to assist him. After checking out the abattoir's den to the north, the Fellows relied on some wizarding by Pust who sent his familiar to investigate the upstairs as he used it's senses for his own.

Hooks protrude from the walls of this room, the floor of which lay bloodstained- some dry, others still moist. All of which were currently empty and the room stood unoccupied. Unsatisfied, Pust's familiar peeked around the corner to the adjacent room. Four goblin cooks were preparing a halfling on a spit as a fire was stoked in a dome-shaped fireplace. Maggot-caked pots and pans swam in the muddy and rotting floorcovering. The necromancer shared his findings and Phineas  Banderby was the first Fellow to bolt up the ladder, eager to save his halfling-kin.

The unarmed goblins wanted nothing to do with the heroes, regardless, they paid for their alliance in blood with their lives, death throes echoed by squeals. This attracted two hobgoblins from behind a curtain in the north side of the room. Giving it a good go, they too were laid low in short order.

Phineas freed the would-be supper, halfling Rodrick Hilltopple who was pissed at the giants that he swore to swipe a sheep for his pasture and his trouble on the way out. His only problem was that he needed an escort out of the compound, so the heroes stowed him below with the rest of the commoners. Free of immediate problems, the heroes followed the wall toward the curtain, but passed through a second curtain to their left, leading outside.

The Fellows were then assaulted from the sky as humanoid shapes rained arrows on them from above. Thankfully for the heroes, their druid had just the spell for the job, as he conjured a swirling mass of air to follow them about. Diminishing the projectiles flying toward them, the heroes scrambled around the cliffside to the eventual ladder leading up to the tower. Would you have put it past our heroes to headlong assault a guard tower from below? Well, they did it … eventually. Yeah, they made it up there and slaughtered all four hobgoblin archers for their service.

And on this heroic deed is where we will catch up to them next time.


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