Storm King's Thunder

SKT.9: The Long Road to Amphail

Campaign Date: 27-30 Eleasias (Highsun), 1-10 Eleint (The Fading)  1493 DR, Year of the Purple Dragons

The heroes continue skirting Morbryn's Shield and risk more random encounters, but ultimately find none. They then meet friend of Earthenjaws, Orobark Ambershard who teaches Bjorn the way of the Allosaurus. After a series of skill challenges, the party assists Bjorn in becoming a dinosaur the Earthenjaws would be proud of. The celebration for Bjorn is interrupted when an emaciated, crazed, shackled hill giant and six trolls barge on the scene, with the trolls apparently trying to use the giant to their advantage as a crazed pet. The heroes dispose of the threat with fire and take a short rest. Moving along The Long Road toward Waterdeep, they pass through Yartar, in which Phineas Banderby went big and bold with a successful charisma check and landed a ménage à trois with the halfling lasses the heroes rescued, Rixi Willowrush and Teg Yellowcrane. While in Yartar, the heroes received a bundle with a block of cheese wrapped in excellent silk, a black bottle of "Old Bargewright" wine, and a folded piece of parchment on which are written:


     The Happy Cow


Phineas, the goodly halfling priest he is, buys the halfling refugees new settlements in his home city as Pust buys silverware and a spellbook; the rest drink under extreme mirth (except for Edmund) at the Banderby residence. The heroes then set out for Amphail, passing through Redlarch on the way. The wilderness may hold many dangers, but the Long Road has stayed benign despite the tumult and gives the PC's no trouble all the way to Amphail. Once there, the heroes seek out Arleosa Starhenge, proprietor of the Stag-Horned Flagon, and complete the quest given to them by "The Yeti," Miros Xelbrin of Goldenfields and give his regards. Arleosa, being a fan of adventurers, buddies up to the heroes and bequeaths to them the ring of Keltar Dardragon, deceased halfling adventurer and former suitor of Arleosa's. She mentions that it represents a special favor and should she need anything, all she has to do is speak his name into the ring and he would appear and provide assistance. As for Amphail, the tents, tables, stages and firepits are to celebrate Tylandar Roaringhorn's 63rd birthday, a prominent Waterdhavian noble of one family among two others that trade turns ruling Amphail. Cynics view this as blatant curry favoring. Either way, the feasting was interrupted by the crashing, bashing and screaming of two hills giants steamrolling toward the banquet…


Roll initiative!


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