Storm King's Thunder

SKT.1 - Trouble in Nightstone
Part I

Campaign Date: 01 Eleasias (Highsun) 1493 DR, Year of the Purple Dragons

The heroes join together on the way to Nightstone, having heard some trouble brewing afoot. Comfortable enough with one another, they first heard the ringing of a distant church bell miles away, then they came to a palisade with a moat all around, drawbridge lowered. Curiously enough, the bell high in the church tower would not stop. The heroes cross the drawbridge cautiously and notice large boulders impounded in the ground and destroyed remains of buildings from boulders flying from the sky. The muddy imprint of something very large and heavy in the town square is still fresh from ungluing. The heroes murder the playing goblins in the church of Lathandar and Meilikki, murder the worgs in the town square, murder the goblins in the Lionshield Coster, murder the goblin in the Nightstone Inn and meet Kella Darkhope, a monk who survived the ordeal but claimed to knocked out during. Darkhope barely escapes the heroes' suspicions to travel back toward the High Road. The heroes fall unconscious more than once while doing so, but blessed champion clerics of Tymora and Tempus were on the side of good this day, helping to eventually seek and destroy most of the other goblins in the town and end their whimsical days forever.

SKT.2: Trouble in Nightstone
Part II

Campaign Date: 01-02 Eleasias (Highsun) 1493 DR, Year of the Purple Dragons

The heroes continue cleansing Nightstone of goblin filth. Once complete, they observe the once-forlorn Kella Darkhope riding across the drawbridge into town with six other dark leather armor clad humaniods. The alleged leader of the band, charming half-elf Xolkin Alassandar, claims to want to help the town lick its wounds at some unknown cost, but is forthcoming with gemstones for one eager Tormir Stoneaxe in regards to payment for the Darkhope rescue. The heroes don't detect anything else outwardly suspicious and mutually coexist with the riders. The heroes jump the broken bridge to the keep and meet the beleaguered guards inside, torn up over the death of Lady Nandar of Nighstone. They have nothing helpful to give the heroes, but implore them to check on the villagers seeking refuge in the Dripping Caves nearby and rid the town of the interlopers. The heroes have a paranoid sleep that night barred in the house of an Asmodeus worshipper while suspiciously spying on the riders. The heroes wake up at the crack of dawn to head to the caves, but are interrupted by the sound of an orc horde apparently beaten up and escaping from something in the Ardeep Forest. The orcs are dismayed to find that the Xolkin contingent lifted the drawbridge for the night and after ten minutes of scrambling notice they can try their luck at swimming for the broken bridge to the keep, just a ways down river. The heroes post up at the bridge and take pot shots at the orcs until the superior number of orcs overwhelmed the bridge and dented the defending heroes. The guards and riders joined the fray and the orcs land some solid blows, but eventually the spellcaster and a handful of others successfully withdraw and swim their way back on to the mainland and back into the wilderness. The heroes then head out for the Dripping Caves.

SKT.3: The Dripping Caves

Campaign Date: 02 Eleasias (Highsun) 1493 DR, Year of the Purple Dragons

The heroes delve into The Dripping Caves to find out what happened to the villagers after Nightstone was bombarded and ransacked. They walk in through the front and immediately jump into a fight with a mudbathing ogre, goblins with bows on the surrounding ledges, and another ogre hiding away in the stalacmite cluster in the center of the cave. Wolf Bjorn ripped the archers from their perch one-by-one from the fight by claw and bite while Tormir sustained and delivered a lion's share of melee blows on behalf of his newfound companions.  The heroes come out alive and march further into the caves, slaughtering innocent goblin women and children in their warren den, blitzing the leader and his pet rats so fast they didn't have a chance to parlay, and made small work of a black ooze that thought its dinner just walked to the dead end. The heroes find Morak Ur'Gray and the rest of the villagers and bring them home. Xolkin and Morak work out a deal and the riders then stay to assist the cleanup while the heroes move onward the next morning toward Goldenfields at the behest of Morak. The son of the Xelbrins, Miros, should know about his parents passing as soon as possible and wants the heroes to deliver the news to of his parents passing to Miros Xelbrin, proprietor of the Goldenfields inn Northfurrow's End.

SKT.4: An Odd Trip to Goldenfields

Campaign Date: 03-07 Eleasias (Highsun) 1493 DR, Year of the Purple Dragons

The heroes depart Nightstone and are barely along the road a day when a high tower in the clouds appears overhead and manifests a staircase of clouds to tempt the heroes. The heroes give in and climb the 1,500 stairs to reach a strange 300' tower with a very large wizards hat perched atop a cloud. They meet the eccentric cloud giant wizard, Zephyros, and are disclosed the readings of his planar prophecy. Zephyros offers the heroes to take them anywhere they wish and they choose their next destination, Goldenfields. During the 3-day float over, the group is waylaid by a contingent of Yan-C-Bin air cultists who demand to speak with Zephyros. The cultists are ultimately denied Zephyros' alliance at the suggestion of the heroes, but not before the wizard accepts the parting gift of pixie dust from the cultists. After the cultists are gone, Zephyros gives the dust to the heroes because he has no need for such things and the rest of the way to Goldenfields is uneventful and scenic.

The heroes are shuffled to the front gate of Goldenfields, a friendly place for Emerald Enclave member, Bjorn Earthenjaw, hill dwarf druid of The Giant's Run Mountains. After meeting Xi Liang, Shalvus Martholio and Lifferlas on the way to Northfurrow's End, the heroes enter the inn and Edmund Kenting, cleric of Tempus rudely blurts the quest message to Miros who explodes in a fit of saddened rage. The heroes are met by performer Oren Yogilvy and bookish Naxene Drathkala inside, the former of which will be the first to notice, despite being shitfaced after midnight, the first invading wave of bugbears, goblins and ogres. The heroes rush out to join Lifferlas in the town square and fight their first wave of invaders. Naxene wipes out most of the next wave with a well-placed lightning bolt, but Lifferlas sweeps away the survivors as the heroes move on to the next attack at the abbey.

SKT.5: The Siege of Goldenfields
Part I

Campaign Date: 07 Eleasias (Highsun) 1493 DR, Year of the Purple Dragons

The heroes bravely defended the little ones at the town square with the help of Lifferlas and a timely placed lightning bolt from Naxene Drathkala. Following up on some more commotion down by the abbey, the heroes discovered another gang of ogres, bugbears and goblins covering the attempted retreat of their slain compatriots. Circumstances looking dire as wave-after-wave continued, Phineas went big and bold by being the first to dip into his reserve of pixie dust. Apparently, he got the good shit, as he was flying through the air mere moments later and soon after was joined in the sky by a few allies. After enduring a rain of goblin arrows and encroaching bugbear and ogre brutality, the heroes finally dispatched the third gang at the abbey to move to the next encounter at the gate where a pair of unarmed hill giants have climbed the breached wall. Just as quickly as it started, with Tempus' blessed lightning raining from the sky, the heroes dispatched their first ever pair of giants.

But, oh no, no time for celebrating- The ogres from beyond the wall have been using goblin catapults(!) to deliver flying goblin bullets, made especially deadly with spiked helmets. Goblins are raining down upon the wall (even managing to hit an airborne ally)! A larger contingent has been made apparent at the main Goldenfields gate- which the heroes are planning to head to after taking a short rest. The guards come to plug up the breach and the heroes are summoned to the main gate…

SKT.6: The Siege of Goldenfields
Part II

Campaign Date: 07-12 Eleasias (Highsun) 1493 DR, Year of the Purple Dragons

The heroes charged out with a Goldenfields battle-ready contingent to intercept the mob at the gate before a caravan came upon the horde from the other direction. Twenty goblins, used for cannon fodder were poked and prodded into subservience by four goblin hucking-ogres and three hill giants looking for food at the gate. The heroes defend the city and save the caravan from its impending peril, and are to attend a feast for the honored dead. During the festivities, the heroes are given subquests by each surviving Goldenfields NPC. Naxene Drathkala tells them to go to Waterdeep and seek her friend Chazlauth, a dragon expert, who will know what wyrm to seek because they surely know what's going on with the giants. Miros Xelbrin tells them to go to Amphail and give his regards to Arleosa Starhenge, proprietor of the Stag-Horned Flagon. Lifferlas implores them to seek the druid who created him, Aerglas, last known whereabouts at Shadowtop Cathedral, deep in the High Forest up the Surbrin River. Shalvus Martholio asks the heroes to protect him on a trip to Bargewright Inn so he may report the giant attack to his boss, Nalaskur Thaelond. Xi Liang bequeaths the heroes her inheritance if they bring a black pearl pendant to caretaker Cauldar in Waterdeep's House Thann.

The heroes agree to take Shalvus Martholio to Bargewright Inn, leaving in a few days time. Eventually, they head out and get attacked by a frost giant and his pet winter wolf, but their first run-in with a frost giant proves their giant-slaying potential reaches farther than unarmed hill giants.  A three day march, they Bargewright Inn expecting payment.

SKT.7: On the Road

Campaign Date: 12-24 Eleasias (Highsun) 1493 DR, Year of the Purple Dragons

The heroes and Shalvus make it to Bargewright Inn and Shalvus spills the beans to his boss, male half-elf Nalaskur Thaelond who likes the cut of the heroes' jib and offers them the job to "Deliver the Ale to The Troll in Flames.” Thus the heroes sallied forth the next morning toward Morbryn's Shield via the Long Road, on a quest to "Deliver the Ale to The Troll in Flames,” the finest damn Dwarven ale most of the heroes have ever tasted. Along the way, they encountered a fire giant and his smoke mephit contingent, murdering the lot and taking their Rod of the Vonindod. On a separate day, three frost giants were given an early grave but the heroes spared a lonely, musician, relocating to a safer settlement. Passing through the towns of Yartar, Triboar, Westbridge, and Red Larch, the heroes encountered relatives of Phineas (Yartar: mother Yeema, father Phineas, aunt Bernice Hodmer, cousins Hamish IV and Bernard Hodmer; Triboar: 3rd cousin Montgomery Tallhedge and his daughter Lilia), including Roswyn Banderby in Westbridge to whom the heroes sold some 250gp art objects since she collects art of eclectic taste. While in Triboar, the heroes discovered that a band of fire giants had just strode through and took an artifact from one of the campgrounds. Nothing warranted the heroes to get sidetracked from their mission to deliver the ale, so onward they marched…

SKT.8: Rendezvous in Nesmé

Campaign Date: 24-27 Eleasias (Highsun) 1493 DR, Year of the Purple Dragons

The heroes continue their quest to "Deliver the Ale to The Troll in Flames,” in Morbryn's Shield. They arrive at The Troll in Flames and meet Oboth Thornsteel, Zhent “leader” of the town who assumed control after four fire giants strode west but did not disturb the town. Oboth grilled the heroes about Morbryn's tomb and paid the heroes for the quest. Phineas noticed the chip floating around Oboth's fingers from Yartar- he swears he's seen that goose-head chip before. The heroes learned during the evening that Oboth got kicked out of Yartar for his gambling habit and now views this as his next gamble. The heroes also learned that almost two dozen zhents were seen riding north toward the crumbled Nesmé ruins just two days ago. Heroes decide to follow that clue and head north in the morning toward Nesmé, encountering Anlow Hallan, thug leader of seven other thugs guarding the Surbrin Trail, slaughtering all but one. The one they spared doesn't know much about the rendezvous ahead, only giving the heroes the number of Zhents they will find. Heroes tie her up and give her a disturbing blanket of skeletons to ponder her nightmares with and let her go in the morning after the heroes rest. Heroes proceed to Nesmé and encounter riding horses and evidence of campsites; then set the horses loose from their posts. Edmund proceeds to slap them in the ass to get them moving off. Heroes stealth toward the rendezvous and Pust sends his snake familiar toward the meeting and uses the snakes senses to eavesdrop on the conversation between a male priest of Bane, Fylo Nelgorn, and a female fire giant named Gundahella representing Duke Zalto. Heroes do not provoke any of the twenty thugs, Fylo, Gundahella, or Gundahella's guard contingent of twenty hobgoblins. Heroes learn from the quick negotiation that the giants will release a dwarven Zhent prisoner if the Zhents promise to keep the Lords' Alliance and other groups from interfering in the fire giants' search for the Vonindod fragments, on the condition that the adamantine colossus not be used to attack settlements or parts thereof without the Black Network's consent. The heroes also note that Moongleam Tower in Everlund is an example priest gives as a vulnerable target that the Zhents need intact. Heroes see Fylo send off his flying snake southward. Since it's getting on in the evening, heroes head back south, not sure which way exactly, but they know they need to be off the road. This proves dangerous as the heroes encounter ten orcs in the night towing three halfling prisoners. Tormir begins the slaughter and eventually the heroes get to comforting the halflings and Tormir is thanked with a Ring of Water Walking in the morning.

SKT.9: The Long Road to Amphail

Campaign Date: 27-30 Eleasias (Highsun), 1-10 Eleint (The Fading)  1493 DR, Year of the Purple Dragons

The heroes continue skirting Morbryn's Shield and risk more random encounters, but ultimately find none. They then meet friend of Earthenjaws, Orobark Ambershard who teaches Bjorn the way of the Allosaurus. After a series of skill challenges, the party assists Bjorn in becoming a dinosaur the Earthenjaws would be proud of. The celebration for Bjorn is interrupted when an emaciated, crazed, shackled hill giant and six trolls barge on the scene, with the trolls apparently trying to use the giant to their advantage as a crazed pet. The heroes dispose of the threat with fire and take a short rest. Moving along The Long Road toward Waterdeep, they pass through Yartar, in which Phineas Banderby went big and bold with a successful charisma check and landed a ménage à trois with the halfling lasses the heroes rescued, Rixi Willowrush and Teg Yellowcrane. While in Yartar, the heroes received a bundle with a block of cheese wrapped in excellent silk, a black bottle of "Old Bargewright" wine, and a folded piece of parchment on which are written:


     The Happy Cow


Phineas, the goodly halfling priest he is, buys the halfling refugees new settlements in his home city as Pust buys silverware and a spellbook; the rest drink under extreme mirth (except for Edmund) at the Banderby residence. The heroes then set out for Amphail, passing through Redlarch on the way. The wilderness may hold many dangers, but the Long Road has stayed benign despite the tumult and gives the PC's no trouble all the way to Amphail. Once there, the heroes seek out Arleosa Starhenge, proprietor of the Stag-Horned Flagon, and complete the quest given to them by "The Yeti," Miros Xelbrin of Goldenfields and give his regards. Arleosa, being a fan of adventurers, buddies up to the heroes and bequeaths to them the ring of Keltar Dardragon, deceased halfling adventurer and former suitor of Arleosa's. She mentions that it represents a special favor and should she need anything, all she has to do is speak his name into the ring and he would appear and provide assistance. As for Amphail, the tents, tables, stages and firepits are to celebrate Tylandar Roaringhorn's 63rd birthday, a prominent Waterdhavian noble of one family among two others that trade turns ruling Amphail. Cynics view this as blatant curry favoring. Either way, the feasting was interrupted by the crashing, bashing and screaming of two hills giants steamrolling toward the banquet…


Roll initiative!

SKT.10: On to the City of Splendors!


Campaign Date: 10-14 Eleint (The Fading)  1493 DR, Year of the Purple Dragons

Druid Bjorn Earthenjaw began the fracas with a well placed spike growth spell and forced the brutes to peel off their route in opposite directions, fearful of the inevitable punishment of the thorny overgrowth. Detoured and forced to squeeze between architecture which now splintered and open like a doll-house at their backs, the giants were met one-on-one with dwarf combatants, Tormir and Bjorn, each sadistically eager to punish and claim the kill. Three Fool Hardy Fellows at each dwarfs 6'o'clock, they bobbed, weaved, hacked, slashed and bit their way to stand toe-to-toe(?) for the thirty seconds needed for the Fellows to down the behemoths. Some beer guzzling, poisoning, lightning blasting, upstaging, dinosaur rending time later and both giants were slain with both dwarves remaining upright but not entirely satisfied. Fool Hardy but proven giant-slayers, nonetheless, and now keepers of a promise from human Lord Warder of Amphail, Dauner Ilzimmer that proven heroes have a place of employment in Amphail when the time is right. For now, giants need taking care of…

The heroes leave Amphail due South and over the Sword Mountain foothills on a windy, dark, cold, stormy day, but find respite that night in the quiet farming, pastural grasslands and community known as Rassalantar. Denied strangers to drink with by the stormy day and evening, the heroes find themselves alone with stoic, private barkeep shield dwarf Yondral Horn at the Sleeping Dragon Inn. Intending to continue their business toward Waterdeep, the Fool Hardy Fellows set forth the morning of Eleint 12 on a lightly windy day but are waylaid by an old foe, the one-eyed orc shaman from Nightstone and his newfound champion, a burly, chainmail clad, longsword wielding orc. Eight other berserk orcs at their side, they clash and ultimately perish against the Fellows' mighty power.

That loose end tied up, the heroes continued to Waterdeep, but were soon aghast to find that even the City of Splendors is not immune to giants and their shenanigans. A castle in the clouds shimmers down into view above the city and apocalyptic hysteria sweeps the streets. The heroes had an inheritance to claim and won't be bothered with a seemingly peaceful cloud giant establishment, however. After claiming their hard-earned inheritance, the heroes party long into the morning with Banderby friend and family alike. 

Aside from the wicked hangover, Eleint 13 presents no other sudden dangers as the heroes make their way to the docks for Bjorn to conduct important druid business. After a sad exchange with an unintelligent fish and a gullible human, the heroes squish off to meet up with Pust after his library trip and see Chazlauth, Naxene's dragon-educated acquaintance. 

Chaz suggests the heroes visit "Old Gnawbone," an ancient green dragon residing in the Kryptgarden Forest who he claims is the best scryer in all the north. An assurance of wiping out the giant menace is all the convincing Chaz thinks it will take for the great wyrm to reveal a way forward, and backs up his claim with an offer of a potion of poison resistance for each Fool Hardy Fellow. The heroes are skeptical but ultimately find no reason to distrust the quirky but helpful mage. Thinking Tymora's charm ought to be with the heroes this tenday, Tormir and Phineas pay a visit to the temple of luck and leave a tithe for the good lady before heading out of the city on the same day.

Willing to risk the dangers of camping on the road, plus the heroes have had enough of the hysterical city under the cloud castle and camp the night of the 13th on the Long Road halfway between Waterdeep and Rassalantar. Before getting far, the Fellows are set upon by bandits claiming residence on this territory of road and want their due. Will the heroes give it to them?


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