Storm King's Thunder

SKT.7: On the Road

Campaign Date: 12-24 Eleasias (Highsun) 1493 DR, Year of the Purple Dragons

The heroes and Shalvus make it to Bargewright Inn and Shalvus spills the beans to his boss, male half-elf Nalaskur Thaelond who likes the cut of the heroes' jib and offers them the job to "Deliver the Ale to The Troll in Flames.” Thus the heroes sallied forth the next morning toward Morbryn's Shield via the Long Road, on a quest to "Deliver the Ale to The Troll in Flames,” the finest damn Dwarven ale most of the heroes have ever tasted. Along the way, they encountered a fire giant and his smoke mephit contingent, murdering the lot and taking their Rod of the Vonindod. On a separate day, three frost giants were given an early grave but the heroes spared a lonely, musician, relocating to a safer settlement. Passing through the towns of Yartar, Triboar, Westbridge, and Red Larch, the heroes encountered relatives of Phineas (Yartar: mother Yeema, father Phineas, aunt Bernice Hodmer, cousins Hamish IV and Bernard Hodmer; Triboar: 3rd cousin Montgomery Tallhedge and his daughter Lilia), including Roswyn Banderby in Westbridge to whom the heroes sold some 250gp art objects since she collects art of eclectic taste. While in Triboar, the heroes discovered that a band of fire giants had just strode through and took an artifact from one of the campgrounds. Nothing warranted the heroes to get sidetracked from their mission to deliver the ale, so onward they marched…


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