Storm King's Thunder

SKT.6: The Siege of Goldenfields

Part II

Campaign Date: 07-12 Eleasias (Highsun) 1493 DR, Year of the Purple Dragons

The heroes charged out with a Goldenfields battle-ready contingent to intercept the mob at the gate before a caravan came upon the horde from the other direction. Twenty goblins, used for cannon fodder were poked and prodded into subservience by four goblin hucking-ogres and three hill giants looking for food at the gate. The heroes defend the city and save the caravan from its impending peril, and are to attend a feast for the honored dead. During the festivities, the heroes are given subquests by each surviving Goldenfields NPC. Naxene Drathkala tells them to go to Waterdeep and seek her friend Chazlauth, a dragon expert, who will know what wyrm to seek because they surely know what's going on with the giants. Miros Xelbrin tells them to go to Amphail and give his regards to Arleosa Starhenge, proprietor of the Stag-Horned Flagon. Lifferlas implores them to seek the druid who created him, Aerglas, last known whereabouts at Shadowtop Cathedral, deep in the High Forest up the Surbrin River. Shalvus Martholio asks the heroes to protect him on a trip to Bargewright Inn so he may report the giant attack to his boss, Nalaskur Thaelond. Xi Liang bequeaths the heroes her inheritance if they bring a black pearl pendant to caretaker Cauldar in Waterdeep's House Thann.

The heroes agree to take Shalvus Martholio to Bargewright Inn, leaving in a few days time. Eventually, they head out and get attacked by a frost giant and his pet winter wolf, but their first run-in with a frost giant proves their giant-slaying potential reaches farther than unarmed hill giants.  A three day march, they Bargewright Inn expecting payment.


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