Storm King's Thunder

SKT.15: A Legendary Turn

Campaign Date: 27 Eleint (The Fading) – 11 Marpenoth (Leaffall)  1493 DR, Year of the Purple Dragons

27th- Having survived the assault on the hill giants, the Fool Hardy Fellows' next assignment was to find the path back to Beliard. Commoner ex-prisoners in tow, the heroes made it back to the Dessarin Road by nightfall thanks to Bjorn's navigation skills.

28th- Splitting with their liberators at dawn on an extremely hot, windy day, the prisoners left the heroes who continued up the Dessarin Road north to Beliard.

29th- The heroes traveled North on a warmer than normal Eleint day, advancing closer to Beliard and their just reward, plus, they hoped, a little extra for a full extermination.

30th- A light rain ushered the heroes back into Beliard on a typical late Eleint day. The Fellows and Beliardians celebrated an end to the hill giant menace on a day most were spending inside anyway. Bjorn and Edmund celebrated a little too hard on the shitty human beer, doomed to suffer a hangover on tomorrow's departure. The Fellows got paid and thought twice about squeezing the tavern owner for his day's income to reward themselves for the extermination. They drunkenly planned their next route toward Shadowtop Cathedral- they were to set out north up Jundar's Pass until it hit the Dessarin River. Then it will be Dessarin heading east until it ends in The High Forest, at which point they would be relying on Bjorn who they assumed would manage further with druid stuff.

1st- The heroes headed north up Jundar's Pass, despite Bjorn and Edmund's exhaustion. They were aiming to run into the Dessarin River and then head east until deep within The High Forest, bringing them close to Shadowtop.

2nd- They headed further up the pass, contending with soaking rain, but unmolested otherwise.

3rd- The heroes reached Noanar's Hold by the end of the day, a once popular hunting destination on the edge of the High Forest. Something strange was going on about the townsfolk. Pust recalls how the town fell on hard times after rumors surfaced that the Hunt Lords were allowing hunts and even arranging them for entertainment between hunters against each other. Male human innkeeper at the White Hart Inn, Avgar Filroy, informed the Fellows that the Hunt Lords are retired and don't wish to be disturbed. The party is brushed by a broom controlled by an unseen servant. Done with the creepiness for the evening, the heroes retire and opt to pursue their Lifferlas quest. They stay inside the inn at night and penetrate the forest in the morning.

4th- On a brisk and very windy Marpenoth day, the Fool Hardy Fellows made their entrance through the curtain of swirling autumn leaves into the High Forest. Bjorn, leading the way as usual, cut through the foliage- or rather, the foliage cut itself- from the ground to provide safe passage. It was his little secret he shared with the flora, thanking them with a few pats as he held up branches for his compatriots scrambling underneath. The heroes were following the river for now, but Bjorn assumed that once they split off from the river toward Shadowtop, anyone unfriendly to druids would be forced in circles by the helpful guides, and he gained a little more confidence in the quest.

5th- Fool Hardy Fellows split off from the Dessarin River and trusted Bjorn's druid-sense to lead them in the right direction, not realizing that the plants were doing all the work; those donning the Emerald Enclave clasp are always welcome in this neck of the woods. By the end of the day, the heroes reached Shadowtop Cathedral, a closely packed stand of towering shadowtop trees with high, dark canopies. A mossy copse with precariously perched trees seemed hallowed so all avoided it save for Bjorn.

About sixty feet away or so bubbled a delightful little spring at which sat a satyr named Greenwhistle playing a dirge. Greenwhistle was very morose about a dryad spurning his advances, so he sat by the pond playing sad music on his pan pipes. In between songs, he ushered to the heroes that, "Turlang will be along any time now," over and over again. Pust fashioned a nice stool to sit in, Tormir sharpened his axe, and everbody just generally chilled while  waiting for Turlang. Well, as much as one can chill while listening to extremely sad music.

6th- Greenwhistle dirge. All day.

7th- A druid showed up to check on the cathedral, but doesn't provide any helpful information other than letting the heroes know that the caretaker always comes by eventually.

8th- Turlang the treant finally arrived with half-elf friend Tharra Shyndle by his side. The tree was terse and quick-tempered at first but the heroes eventually divulge that the giants are menacing the countryside and they are out to stop them. Turlang had no idea where Aerglas, Lifferlas' creator, would be at this moment. A mission incomplete seemed in their future, since the heroes came here in the first place to deliver word to Aerglas of Lifferlas. However, since the heroes seemed decent enough and seemed honest about ending the giant menace, Tharra offered to take the heroes to Everlund, home of Aerglas, in secret without Turlang knowing.

9th- Tharra Shyndle offered to walk the heroes out of the forest in front of Turlang and while out of sight of the tree, offered the heroes magical silver berries that grant temporary invisibility to the eater. The party made it to Olostin's Hold by the end of the day, a fortified keep with high walls standing halfway between Yartar and Everlund on the Evermoor Way.

10th- The party reached Everlund via Evermoor Way by the end of the day. Tharra took them to meet Aerglas who had a pleasant evening getting to know the adventurers, a responsibility he retired from many years ago. To do his part against the giants, he gave them permanent magic items that he acquired in his time: a rope of climbing, a brooch of shielding, and a potion of growth.

Noticing a strange sight in the distance, the heroes ventured a few hundred feet from Everlund toward the Nether Mountain foothills and had a strange voice shout their names. A frost giant clad in plate mail with a skull of a white dragon as a helm knew their names and asked for the Fellows. Knowing too much about their past and the past of their people, as well as speaking common too articulately, jarred the heroes' memories enough to remember their clue about looking out for such an armored frost giant. Exchanging words, the heroes were convinced that this was indeed Harshnag the Grim, defender of Waterdeep and friend to the small folks of the North. Surprisingly calm and soft-spoken, he delivers confidence to the heroes that they can make it to the Spine of the World in one piece. They hope all answers will come after the treacherous journey north, for they will indeed earn it, as the calendar is not much in to the tenth month of the year, rounding the corner into winter. They need to make it to the Valley of Khedrun first…


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