Storm King's Thunder

SKT.10: On to the City of Splendors!


Campaign Date: 10-14 Eleint (The Fading)  1493 DR, Year of the Purple Dragons

Druid Bjorn Earthenjaw began the fracas with a well placed spike growth spell and forced the brutes to peel off their route in opposite directions, fearful of the inevitable punishment of the thorny overgrowth. Detoured and forced to squeeze between architecture which now splintered and open like a doll-house at their backs, the giants were met one-on-one with dwarf combatants, Tormir and Bjorn, each sadistically eager to punish and claim the kill. Three Fool Hardy Fellows at each dwarfs 6'o'clock, they bobbed, weaved, hacked, slashed and bit their way to stand toe-to-toe(?) for the thirty seconds needed for the Fellows to down the behemoths. Some beer guzzling, poisoning, lightning blasting, upstaging, dinosaur rending time later and both giants were slain with both dwarves remaining upright but not entirely satisfied. Fool Hardy but proven giant-slayers, nonetheless, and now keepers of a promise from human Lord Warder of Amphail, Dauner Ilzimmer that proven heroes have a place of employment in Amphail when the time is right. For now, giants need taking care of…

The heroes leave Amphail due South and over the Sword Mountain foothills on a windy, dark, cold, stormy day, but find respite that night in the quiet farming, pastural grasslands and community known as Rassalantar. Denied strangers to drink with by the stormy day and evening, the heroes find themselves alone with stoic, private barkeep shield dwarf Yondral Horn at the Sleeping Dragon Inn. Intending to continue their business toward Waterdeep, the Fool Hardy Fellows set forth the morning of Eleint 12 on a lightly windy day but are waylaid by an old foe, the one-eyed orc shaman from Nightstone and his newfound champion, a burly, chainmail clad, longsword wielding orc. Eight other berserk orcs at their side, they clash and ultimately perish against the Fellows' mighty power.

That loose end tied up, the heroes continued to Waterdeep, but were soon aghast to find that even the City of Splendors is not immune to giants and their shenanigans. A castle in the clouds shimmers down into view above the city and apocalyptic hysteria sweeps the streets. The heroes had an inheritance to claim and won't be bothered with a seemingly peaceful cloud giant establishment, however. After claiming their hard-earned inheritance, the heroes party long into the morning with Banderby friend and family alike. 

Aside from the wicked hangover, Eleint 13 presents no other sudden dangers as the heroes make their way to the docks for Bjorn to conduct important druid business. After a sad exchange with an unintelligent fish and a gullible human, the heroes squish off to meet up with Pust after his library trip and see Chazlauth, Naxene's dragon-educated acquaintance. 

Chaz suggests the heroes visit "Old Gnawbone," an ancient green dragon residing in the Kryptgarden Forest who he claims is the best scryer in all the north. An assurance of wiping out the giant menace is all the convincing Chaz thinks it will take for the great wyrm to reveal a way forward, and backs up his claim with an offer of a potion of poison resistance for each Fool Hardy Fellow. The heroes are skeptical but ultimately find no reason to distrust the quirky but helpful mage. Thinking Tymora's charm ought to be with the heroes this tenday, Tormir and Phineas pay a visit to the temple of luck and leave a tithe for the good lady before heading out of the city on the same day.

Willing to risk the dangers of camping on the road, plus the heroes have had enough of the hysterical city under the cloud castle and camp the night of the 13th on the Long Road halfway between Waterdeep and Rassalantar. Before getting far, the Fellows are set upon by bandits claiming residence on this territory of road and want their due. Will the heroes give it to them?


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